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  • DVMINDEV The Ministry of Development

    The Ministry of Development

    An instructional DVD which will serve as a companion to his book which was first published in 1996. Since then, thousands have read it and used its timeless wisdom to transform their development programs. Called one of the most important development books written, it has presented the biblical foundations for why we raise funds in the church and parachurch.

    Now hear and see the author, Dr. John R. Frank present the material personally through this DVD. It can used for training new staff, board members, or to refresh the seasoned development professional.

    Dr. John Frank $30.00
  • DVPLNREL Creating a Development Strategic Plan By Relationships

    Creating a Development Strategic Plan By Relationships

    Presenting a brand new approach to designing a strategic plan that is based on relationships with donors, not just a what works strategy. This DVD training will present all of the components needed to design, plan, implement, report, and evaluate your development strategy.

    All forms presented in the DVD will be available free to each DVD owner. Upon completion of the training each strategy, form, and report will be useable for your development strategic planning. The entire strategy has been proven in numerous nonprofit organizations. Move your development program to relationships by studying under Dr. Frank through this unique training and teaching tool.

    Dr. John Frank $30.00

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