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What Others are Saying

He brings wisdom, sound judgment and a strong faith to every ministry he serves

Jim Dempsey, Campus Crusade for Christ

I have known John R. Frank since 1985 when he and I were entering the field of development and attending our first development conferences together. John was a young development director who had a tremendous heart for the Lord and an insatiable desire to learn all there was about development. Over the years I have seen John grow in his walk with the Lord and in his knowledge of development. He has become not a casual learner, but an expert in the field of development and biblical stewardship.

In the early 1990’s, as an extension of his Master’s thesis, he authored the book, “The Ministry of Development”, which I consider to be the foremost guide to development for Christian non-profits. As a development professional with 27 years of development experience and a leader/mentor of future development leaders myself, I require John’s book for all those entering the field. I have used not only John’s book in coaching young leaders, but have used John as an instructor many times to teach my staff. He is well loved and in great demand.

Over the years, I have seen John serve countless ministries with phenomenal success. He brings wisdom, sound judgment and a strong faith to every ministry he serves. As a certified development professional, advanced development professional and a doctor of non-profit management, John is one of the top development consultants/mentors/leaders in all of the world. He is a gifted speaker and communicator and is knowledgeable in all aspects of development. A man of great honesty, conviction and integrity, John is a cut above all other development professionals. He is a blessing to the Lord and a faithful servant of Christ.

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